Sisters of the Moon (Digital Download)


An amazing collection of original chants and well known chant created by Lila.  This is a digital download of Sisters of the Moon.  The Cd cover art is beautiful digital painting of Lila, created to resonate with the essence of the album.

This album includes the following songs:

  1. Blessings
  2. Sisters of the Moon
  3. Lady Water
  4. May the Circle be Open – POPULAR Goddess Chant
  5. Lorelei – Beautiful Celtic Soothing Song
  6. Gayatri Mantra – Popular Vedic Mantra Worldwide
  7. Goddess Fertility
  8. Starlights Keep
  9. Aphrodite
  10. BONUS – Lyric Mandala Ebook PDF ( Digital Product) 

This stunning Lyric Mandala Drawings was  drawn by hand by Lila while she composed and created this CD.  The handwritten drawings was turned into digital format.

This is a wonderful enchanting Cd for Lila’s music collectors.

Please read the following regarding your order:

  1. Please check your Spam box to find order notification emails and SAVE MY EMAIL IN YOUR INBOX so that you can receive important emails regarding your order.
  2. Feel free to come and review this product after you have listened to the songs.

By ordering any products in this store you are helping Lila pay rent, keep the lights on, put food on the table and continue to produce and create high level, good quality music! Lila is an independent music artist with a gigantic vision to heal the world with music.  YOU are making this possible!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,  for your love and support, I appreciate you, contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and let me hear how the music is changing your life”  Lila


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