Ultimate Goddess Music Gift Box- Physical and Digital Product!


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Goddess Music Box Gift Set 

The contents of this Gift Box Set is personally collected, packed and prepared by Lila. She believes in the magic of personal touch!!


What’s AMAZING about this EXCLUSIVE offer?
  • You get Lila’s original acoustic Moondance EP, recorded in 2007 with Congolese virtuoso Ronan Skillen on Tablas and Jason Tamba on guitar and backing vocals.  This EP includes the songs they performed live on tour in a show called Bayembi Spirit ( Musicians Spirit)


and Moondance EP will never be printed again! HURRY…

  • If you love the CD Cover Art Lila crafted for you, then this is for you!  It’s the ultimate collectors item! You will receive the crown jewel of Lila’s life creations.
  • You get 2 Lyric Ebooks, including the Mandalas Lyrics Lila’ drew herself while creating Sisters of the Moon.

Whats included in this offer – DIGITAL DOWNLOADS:

  • Return of the Goddess
  • Sisters of the Moon (original Cd)
  • Ancestors
  • Aphrodite
  • Moondance Ep
  • Dark Angel, DemiGod and Dance in the Rain Singles
  • Goddess Trilogy Lyric Ebook PDF
  • Sisters of the Moon Original Mandala Lyric Ebook PDF

INCLUDES THE NEW Instrumental Versions of Ancestors and Aphrodite EP.

  • Aphrodite Instrumentals – Digital only
  • Lila Lily Instrumentals ( from Ancestors ) -Digital only
  • Moon Dance Instrumental

On purchase you will receive an email with a link to download the the full discography mentioned above.

It also includes the PHYSICAL CD COLLECTION:

  • Goddess Trilogy 3 CD Box Set
    -Return of the Goddess
    -Sisters of the Moon
  • Love Spell Cd
  • Mermaid Magic Cd
  • Return of the Goddess (Original Cd with Lyric leaflet inside)
  • Sisters of the Moon (Original CD)
  • Moondance EP – Acoustic Live
  • A string of dashing battery operated led fairy lights.
  • A special keyring, either a black cat, unicorn or mermaid tail.  This will be a surprise to which one you will get!

Why is it so expensive to post this product!

  1.  It comes all the way from Africa via our snail mail..🐌🐌🐌
  2. Lila prepares and posts this product herself with love and care, to ensure it reaches you safe and sound 🎶💿 (pun intended)


All products in Lila’s store is raising money to create more music and to keep the lights on for Lila!




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