Angel Donation to help Lila make more Music


Lila is an independent artist and she loves making music! She is fully committed to make more beautiful music and overcome all challenges facing her music business. She is currently building a new website and online store to raise more funds.   In 2020 she will write songs for a new inspiring Celtic Album.

Her music is highly rated all around the world because of the soothing  ethereal voices and the vibrant world instruments she included in the songs!

Lila funds all costs of music recording and production herself, as well as support herself with the basic needs of paying rent, electricity, food, medical costs, petrol etc…the normal bills we all got to pay.

You can support her.

Adding this product will allow you to specify a Donation amount on checkout

By donating this amount you have the option to receive her full digital discography as a thank you.  If you already have her full discography then she will send you a surprise thank you in your email inbox!!!

If you would like to sponsor Lila for a year, by contributing on a monthly basis please email Lila at 0ffice@lilalily.org so we can set up a debt order arrangement.

By ordering any products or donating in this store you are helping Lila pay rent, keep the lights on, put food on the table and continue to produce and create high level, good quality music! Lila is an independent music artist with a gigantic vision to heal the world with music. YOU are making this possible!“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your love and support, I appreciate you, contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and let me hear how the music is changing your life.

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