Lila Lily Instrumentals


A gorgeous collection of instrumental versions of Lila’s songs from the album Ancestors.  Without the vocals these songs lend themselves to a whole new creative expression.  The listener can go on a sound journey with the various exotic instruments, like the North African Oud ( played in the Mediterranean, Egypt and Turkey) all places Lila travelled to to dance and live.  The Percussion includes the Tablas ( from India), shakers, shells, seeds, and singing bowels filled with water.  The flute is mystical and playful.  Violins and cello compliments the beautifully exotic and evocative arrangements.

These songs are fantastic for belly dancing, shaman dancing, freestyle dance, meditation, movement expression, sound journeys with earphones, art inspiration, listening and chanting.  You can chant a long if you have the lyrics to the chants.  If you are hosting a group chanting event, these can be used to back the group for singing, and or word poetry!  Please let these songs inspire creative use and come and give Lila some feedback in the comments.


  1.  Ancestors Instrumental
  2. Dolphins Cry Instrumental
  3. Makhosi Instrumental
  4. Oya Instrumental
  5. Moon Dance Instrumental
  6. Motherland Instrumental
  7. Mother of Darkness Instrumental
  8. Spirit of the Ocean Instrumental
  9. Earth My Body Instrumental
  10. Yemaya Instrumental
  11. Makhosi Instrumental with Backing Vocals


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