Aphrodite Belly dance Bundle - Digital Download


Music that captures the passion of the feminine divine and belly dance, and strengthens the Goddess within!  💃🏻💃🏻🎶✨

A great collection for your belly dance music library! 

The best Sacred Goddess Music filled with love and joy by activating fun and sensuality! This offer includes THE EVOCATIVE lovely Aphrodite EP and the Instrumental Versions of the Aphrodite EP



What Belly dance Icon Keti Sharif has to say about Aphrodite!

“Aphrodite is a song I love by Lila, because she captures the passion of the feminine and of bellydance within this song. Her voice is beautiful and the beats make you want to dance!”  Keti Sharif 



Here you can get lost in the exotic instruments like the Oud and Flute and these songs are great for belly dancing, to sing to,  or to play in the background.  Enjoy it, because this collection is great to belly dance to, to get lost in and dream about the Mer-Beings of Sirius and Atlantis.

This song activates Aphrodite, Venus, Mer Queen frequencies for you!


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THESE SONGS IN YOUR ONLINE COURSES OR BELLY DANCE PERFORMANCES FOR YOU TUBE contact Lila for a MICRO-SYNC LICENSE.  It is a wonderful way to share in the abundance of our Goddess of Love and Sensuality!!


  1.  Habibi PLUS Instrumental
  2.  Moon Dance PLUS Instrumental
  3.  Magic PLUS Instrumental
  4.  Aphrodite Dance (Remix) PLUS Instrumental
  5.  Magic Dance (Remix) PLUS Instrumental
  6.  Aphrodite Original PLUS Instrumental
Free Bonus:
  1. Goddess Fertility Track
  2. Aphrodite Lyrics Pdf
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“Thank you for your love and support, I appreciate you, contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram and let me hear how the music is changing your life”  Lila


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