Where I'm from

I live in the tropical state of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, I love animals but my favorites are monkeys and cats. We have a lot of wild monkeys where I live! I plan to immigrate to an island one day to spend my days creating, swimming and exploring forests. Enjoying mother nature.


In my spare time

When I’m not writing music, I’m by the sea, cooking, coloring or reading oracle cards or indulging in Sci Fi series, you may even see me watch Japanese Series with fantasy themes! I am obsessed with crowns and wreaths…making them, buying them, pinning them…


This is me

I am the owner of LILA Goddess Music, and I have 9 albums released. I am a recording artist, and entrepreneur. I’m my own boss, but I do serve the Goddess. My mission is to reach as many people as possible with my chants and songs, to heal and liberate them! I want to heal the world.

Who Is


Music has the power to change your life. I could personally not live without it. Different people find nourishment from different types of music. That is because people have different needs. Some people need to mend a broken heart, others find empowerment or motivation through music. But why chant? Perhaps it’s time to share why I chant, my personal music playlist and why I believe so strongly that healing spiritual music has been a part of our spiritual evolution for a long time and still will be for a long time. 

We all know music is our most powerful and accessible self-help or fix when we experience any kind of emotion. So we have EMOTIONAL MUSIC.  Music for the emotional world inside us. Take for example Lana Del Rey. A lot of her music speaks to the heart, not only about being in love but the darker sides of our hearts, addictions and emotions we all experience from time to time.  

A lot of her songs are composed in the minor key and this gives it that melancholy feeling that will tap into our more sadder, lonely, depressed kind of emotions.  While we ourselves experience emotions like this, listening to an artist singing the same vibrations, and the instruments create a resonance, we instantly feel a relief, almost like it’s medication.  On a vibrational level it actually is medicine for the heart.


We cry, we scream, we get angry, we loose it!  Sometimes we get shamelessly loose, we use the word f@$# too often, even though we have a deceptively large vocabulary. In this big big world, we are told to put our big girl panties on, BUCKLE THE F- up and face it, but OMG is that not overwhelming most the time! WE ARE TOLD… A fierce woman is a phenomenon.

Powerful and beautiful, she causes a stir when entering a room. She is intuitive and wise. She knows things, not in her head but in her heart. She stands for integrity, honesty, truth. She is no wall flower, she is spontaneous and undeniably wild. She is free spirited yet she loves deeply. She does not compromise. She is formidable. That’s the idea right? But hey, lets get real here. We all have bad days! We get our periods. We get sick and tired. 

Our kids drive us insane, even though we love them very deeply, maybe sometimes we regret having kids, and feel they are a burdening commitment, right? 

HOW BAD IS THAT?? Often we make mistakes, sometimes really bad, ugly mistakes? Most times we are overwhelmed by the complexities of ourselves. our emotional worlds and our lives. Does that sound like you? .


Three magical ways to reclaim your Selkie-Soul Song and set your wild nature free! Do you bottle yourself up all the time and wish to express your authentic self more? Do you feel trapped in a relationship or a career that sucks the life out of your soul? 

Do you sometimes just wish you could splash in a rock pool with mermaids? Perhaps it is time for the Selkie-Soul in you to free your soul song, awaken your wild nature, and return you to an eternal ocean of divine love.   The Selkie’s tale is that of a captured ocean being whose wildness had been tamed. Selkies are magical beings who live as seals in the oceans and shape shift to human form on land. 

An ancient tale tells of one such Selkie woman who was captured by a fisherman to become his wife and bear him a child. The loss of freedom itself is so heartbroken to the Selkie that it leaves her in a state of soul amnesia. When she finds her seal skin, she remembers who she is and returns joyfully to the sea.    

This lesson of the story for all of us who have forgotten our freedom is that we have the right to choose joy in life, to be love and light, to be lovers, to be so much more than we are allowed to be in this very restrictive dogmatic world.

A little about me...

I’m deeply inspired by shows like THE MISTS OF AVALON, LOTR,
and of course Mermaids and Sirens

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