Footprints of a dancer

As a little girl I had a puffy black dance skirt, and when I put this skirt on our living room changed into a stage.  I knew from that time that I would be a dancer and a singer.  “Dirty dancing the movie.  I was a shy kid when it came to performing though, but in 2005 I found the dance style that forever changed my life, Egyptian Belly dance.  From 2007-2010 I toured, performed and ran my own belly dance studio in Cape Town.  My focus was on awakening the feminine divine and improving self love and body image through dance and song. I facilitated corporate team building workshops for big companies, like Absa, Sasol and many more.  Every day was filled with passion and dance!  I believe a dancer never walk, we glide, we swirl, we shake, we soar. Our bodies speak a language, as powerful as words, perhaps even more.  

The language of my Soul

In 2008 I was assigned to compose a title song for a Goddess Conference in the Cape, South Africa. The theme was mother earth, and I was so inspired I created a my first feminine divine chant album titled Return of the Goddess. 

In 2015 this album received a reward as one of the best Goddess chant albums in the world.  This was the beginning of 5 Goddess themed albums.  

Sisters of the Moon, Ancestors and the full Goddess Chant Trilogy was born.  

In 2016 I released my 5th album titles Love Spell.  


Conduit of life force

Being a clairsentient and clairvoyant, I belief that we are too develop our 6th sense to the full, to experience the mutli-dimensional existence that we are.

There is no difference between spirituality and creativity to me.

I use all my spiritual gifts to manifest and ground my projects.   Meditation , shifting our consciousness and developing our full sensory system is what I focus on to create, and live the life I love. 

WaterDancer - Body work

In 2017 I completed my first level in Watsu Water massage.  I spend 7 months receiving Watsu after surgery in 2015.  And this is where I learnt how important it is to be in the body fully in the moment, and self care that leads to wellbeing.  

This lead me to train in specialized massage techniques like Remedial Sports massage, Bamboo massage, Balines Head, neck and shoulder, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Shiatsu and external colonic cleanse massage.  

Dare to Speak - Storyteller

Break the Silence, speak your truth.

Dare to speak

Speak up, speak out, recover the traces of childhood dysfunction My voice the flame of truth


Workshops of empowering the voice through storytelling, song, dance, drum, sound healing, meditation, and body work.

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